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Door County, Wisconsin

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When to Come

Your captains say, "The best time to go fishing is any time you can"

April and May are the months for light tackle fishing for brown trout. Because the warmest water in the area is found along the beach, you will be trolling the shoreline of Baileys Harbor and the surrounding area. Be sure to bring warm clothes because any breeze makes the air chilly.

In June, fish for the steelhead strains of rainbow trout, well known for their surface acrobatics. As Lake Michigan warms, a large current line separates the warm inshore water from the cold water offshore. Steelhead and lake trout feed on insects and baitfish that are carried on the surface in the current line. Watch them leap for your lure! They bite best when the water is calm so we fish as many as 15 lines. Multiple hookups are common as these fish school on the current line.

From late June through August, enjoy the thrill of chinook salmon fishing. These big fish will empty your reel with their powerful runs. We use downriggers, outriggers and wire lines to reach them. They feed wherever baitfish are located. Steelhead, lake trout, and brown trout are frequently part of the catch. In bright, sunny, summer weather, salmon usually bite best early and late in the day.

September and October are the months for offshore trolling for immature salmon and steelhead or harbor fishing for mature brown trout. These middle-sized salmon run from 4-10 lbs. and usually feed in schools.

We offer guided ice fishing occasionally depending on weather, ice conditions and our winter work schedules. Fish on the ice of Green Bay for who knows what?